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Unlike many other UPS suppliers Borri provides total project solutions, ensuring that every UPS system purchased is the most suitable for the environment in which it will be operating. We don't just supply the UPS but we also provide complete project consultation, guidance and management for the lifetime of the installation.

With access to one of the largest ranges of UPS technologies, Borri remains at the forefront of emerging back-up power solutions and can help customers develop bespoke topologies to meet specific business requirements and budgets.


UPS Systems and Backup Power Solutions

Uninterruptible power supplies are like a parachute, you desperately hope that you never have to use one but when you do, you want it to work! Like parachutes there are many types of UPS, Line-Interactive, Off-Line, On-Line, Digital On-Line, but they all serve the purpose of protecting your system from crashing in the event of a power failure.

There are a wide variety of UPS topologies, but deciding which technology is right can be a difficult task.

Which Technology is right for you?

  • Line Interactive
  • Online Double Conversion

It’s interesting that sales globally are falling for the more basic technologies, i.e. off-line and Line-Interactive UPS Systems as many desk top users are now benefiting from advances in Laptop computers which don’t require any additional battery support, however sales for single phase and three phase On-Line technology is growing at about 8% per annum, why?

The On-Line technology of an Uninterruptible power supply is better suited to server and data centre environments, offering regulated sine wave output, efficiency almost comparable with Line-Interactive, tightly regulated output, low reflected input harmonics; and because of advances in power switch devices, much better pricing! In fact On-Line models are now reaching price parity with most Line-Interactive alternatives but offering much higher performance levels.

Applications for Off-Line and Line Interactive UPS have slowly been changing, for server applications these technologies are falling out of favour mainly because of the transfer time, typically 10m/s and poor mains regulation which for modern computer applications is an unnecessary risk. But for applications where a small break in power is not so much of a problem, such as tills, electric doors, lighting, CCTV, alarms, routers etc,. these more basic UPS can offer a low cost solution.

Line Interactive and Off-Line UPS Systems

Line-Interactive and Off-Line UPS Systems have a very real role to play in the power supply market, offering low cost, data connectivity and often with AVR Automatic Voltage Regulation) for a regulated output.

The technology of the B60 and B200 is better suited to market sectors where an On-Line UPS might be considered overkill, this would include work stations and standalone PC’s, electronic tills, electric doors, CCTV, access control, ticket machines and other similar applications.

Online Double Conversion

An Uninterruptible power supply System using true online double conversion technology provides the highest level of power protection available. The unit converts the 230V input AC mains supply to DC power which is then used to charge the battery. The DC voltage is then fed through an inverter stage which reconstructs the 230V AC mains output. This results in a supply that will be completely free from any mains born interference such as spikes and voltage variations.

Online UPS are able to withstand large fluctuations on the input voltage before transferring to battery power thus eliminating unnecessary battery discharges. Upon mains failure, the transfer to battery power is seamless with no break to your power supply.

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